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Vintage Rebenque or Gaucho Whip from Argentina - w1662

Vintage Rebenque or Gaucho Whip from Argentina - w1662

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A rebenque, an Argentinian whip carried by gauchos.

This example has some damage and is for display only.
These heavy whips serve both as a whip for horses and cattle and as a club or weapon.
They are worn hung from the gaucho's belt.

In this example the handle of the whip is covered in plain rawhide. 
This has an aged patina with some old stains and scars, there are creases around the middle of the shaft - there is movement of the shaft under these creases so there must be a break in it at this point

 It has a leather loop which would attach the rebenque to the belt.
It has a broad strap-like lash with damage to its end

Dimensions : Length : 32" (81.5cm), Circumference of handle 4½" (11.5cm)

Weight 338g (12oz)

Ref : whip1662

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