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Vintage Swaine & Adeney Hunting Whip - w1633

Vintage Swaine & Adeney Hunting Whip - w1633

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This whip has a staghorn handle.
There is a somewhat dented silver button stamped "Swaine & Adeney, London" on the heel of the staghorn.

There is a dark surface scratch in the horn below the button.
It has a silver coloured collar which is stamped "Swaine". This was very tarnished and I have not finished polishing it yet.
The collar is quite dented from years of opening gates.
The stock or shaft is covered in braided thread.
It has its original open keeper or loop and a  braided leather thong.

The end of the thong is broken, it could be repaired or replaced

Dimensions : Staghorn : 5⅜" (13.5cm) Length (not including keeper) 23" (58.2cm), keeper 6" (15cm), Thong (not including lash) 57" (144cm)
Weight 339g (12½ oz)

Ref : whip1633

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