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Vintage Wood and Brass Stirrups - Stirrup123

Vintage Wood and Brass Stirrups - Stirrup123

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These are something of an oddity.
A pair of stirrups carefully carved from wood - probably Ash - and bound with a strip of brass.
They are very well made, with careful dovetail joints underneath and a strip of wood let into the inside of the arch on top. Over time they have acquired a few woodworm holes (14 to be precise) and two splits in the top of one stirrup, although it is still quite sound.
I have seen one other pair of similar wood and brass stirrups - did they come from a place or time where steel or the skills to forge it were in short supply?
Dimensions 7" (175mm) x 7" (175mm) x 2¼" (60mm) each
Weight of pair - 1lb 6oz (626g)

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